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Beyond the boundaries of taste

Our Hollywood Burgers serves exclusive classic American cuisines. We are currently located at Hibbrson Street, Gungahlin ACT. Our exotic American Burger restaurant menu includes specialized dishes such as Burgers, Traditional Buffalo Wings, Sweet & Sour Buffalo Wings, Marinated Grilled Chicken, Chicken, Loaded Fries, Sides N Fries, Ribs, For The Lil Ones, Drinks and much more. With great prices and sumptuous American dishes, we provide you the comfort of relishing the dishes at your home with the option of online order that includes Pick up option. When the order is placed, you would receive a text confirmation confirming your Order. To view all the dishes in our menu, please click on the order online button and grab our offer. Place Your Order Now!!


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Hollywood Burgers Special Bird

Double southern fry chicken with secrets herbs & spices, Double American style chees, Double crispy bacon, lettuce, red onion, tomato & secret sauce.


American Style Flame Grilled Pork Ribs, Served On A Bed Of French Fries.

Popcorn Chicken

Bite size pieces of real breast fillet chicken tumbled in our signature marinade and cooked in a crunchy coating.

Tater Tots

Potato gems, served with crispy diced bacon & drizzled with American cheese sauce & spring onions.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings lightly breaded, tossed in treditional buffalo sauce & served with your choice


Restaurant Opening Hours

Lunch Schedule ( Pickup )

  • Monday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Tuesday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Wednesday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Thursday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Friday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Saturday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs
  • Sunday 11:00 Hrs TO 15:00 Hrs

Dinner Schedule ( Pickup )

  • Monday 15:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs
  • Tuesday 15:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs
  • Wednesday 15:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs
  • Thursday 15:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs
  • Friday 15:00 Hrs TO 22:00 Hrs
  • Saturday 15:00 Hrs TO 22:00 Hrs
  • Sunday 15:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs


Contact Us


Shop 108/43 Hibbrson Street, Gungahlin 2912

Open Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 Hrs - 21:00 Hrs

Friday, Saturday: 11:00 Hrs - 22:00 Hrs


+61 2 6181 7024

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